Sunday, November 8, 2009


WOW! What a great feeling knowing that we have raised just over $11000 to help our partner school, Mutombe school in Zambia and that we have almost raised the $15,000 we needed to raise!
Just last week we had a very successful fundraiser for the Melbourne cup which bought in $1100 and over labour weekend we spent the day outside New World and the chemist running a BBQ and a car wash. With so many visitors in town making the most of one of the last weekends on the mountain, as well as the peak to keg race, town was buzzing and we also bought in a hefty amount from that! Big apologies to Vanessa after Bridget cracked her windscreen at the car wash!!!
Over the next month, we are fundraising like crazy to make the last little bit that we need. On the 28th of November, we are holding a golf bashers day at the Waimarino Golf club followed by a meal and the awarding of spot prizes, which includes a mystery weekend away! Children are $15, Adults are $30, including a free sausage sizzle lunch! Tee off is from 11:30!
We will also be running a movie premier at the beginning of December and we are selling moosies and juicies weekly at school for $2 each. Now that the Weather is getting hot, these go down a treat!
Rooms 1, 2 & 4 students have done some amazing art work on canvas which is displayed in our school office and are for sale for $5 each - there is some pretty cool art work there, so if you are looking for the something special to decorate your walls, come in and have a look!


Well we are guessing that our blog is WELL over due for an update and looking at our last post, so much has happened with the Global Schools Programme. Not only has Miss Plowman been and returned from her trip to Zambia where she spent 2 weeks teaching in a Zambian classroom, but we have had Ms Silenga from Mutombe school come to Ohakune Primary School for a week. The learning for our students here at Ohakune Primary School has been amazing as they, shared Miss Plowman's stories of her experience and then interacted with, and where taught by a teacher from another culture. This really opened their eyes to the fact that they are living in world where people come from many different backgrounds. We all loved Ms Silenga being here and missed her terribly when she had to leave us, but this experience will be a life changing one for every child here at Ohakune Primary School, who will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Our Fundraising is coming along quite nicely, and we now only have around $4000 to raise! A big Thank you must go out to all of our supporters who have constantly supported us in raising this large amount, and we all know that it is going to be well utilised in helping to improve teaching and learning in Mutombe School in Zambia so that children there have just as much of an oportunity to gain an education and help improve their lives as we do here in New Zealand.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Raetihi Country Market

A big thank you to Maurine Bright for helping to organise, and run a food stall at the market selling the last of our venison burgers and steak sandwiches.

Ohakune Club Easter Hunt

Phillipa, Miss Plowman and Mr Rosser - Cooking up a storm at the Easter Hunt!!

Over Easter weekend we took the opportunity to feed hundreds of hungry hunters (Not Easter Eggs but deer and pigs!) at the Ohakune Club Easter Hunt. 
We profited $700 from our yummy venison burgers, fish burgers, whitebait fritters and baked potatoes which helped us to reach the $3000 milestone.

A huge thanks to Phillipa Evans for taking the initiative to set up a 'Guess how many Wine Gums' competition. 

Happy Feet and Funky Hair Day

On the last day of term 1 Wicked 1 organised a Happy Feet and Funky Hair Day. The students raised $540 towards Miss Plowman and Mr Rosser's Global Schools trip to Zambia. We sold Moosies and Flavoured water and gave Easter Eggs, DVD's and T-Shirts away as prizes. The students and teachers had an amazing day!!

The Winners from our Funky Hair Competition

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hey followers! Just an update with our fundraising! Over the next few months we will be working our little butts of in various events. We will be running the kitchen at the Ohakune Squash Club's Tournament that is coming up on the 21st March - We will be making snacks and meals to tide the hunger of all the squash finatics! On the Saturday night we will be serving a nice big meal to celebrate the end of the tournament.
Also, there is the Kaitieke Trail Ride in May and our Winter Formal in June - We are hoping to get lots of Ski bunnies along to that one!!

Keep up-to-date with whats goin on,

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Also - to keep up with our classroom initiatives:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meet the OPS Staff

Ohakune School Teachers - Gone Wild!